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Contract Rummy is a unique blend of different variations of rummy. Its rules closely resembles to those of Gin Rummy where both printed and wild jokers are used. The game of Contract Rummy is played for seven deals where different rules are allotted to each deal. This article comprises of the general rules that are used to play this rummy variation.

The number of decks used in this game changes according to the number of players. 2 decks are used in a game of 4 players; 3 decks are used in a game of 6 players and 4 decks are used when 8 players play the game. One player is randomly chosen as the dealer and the player to the left becomes the dealer in the following games. 10 cards are distributed to each player during the first four deals in the game and 12 cards are dealt in the remaining deals.

After all the cards are dealt to each player, a card is placed face up to form the discard pile and the remaining cards are placed face down to form the stock pile. Like other rummy variations, a player has to pick a card from discard or stock pile and place a card from on the discard pile.

As mentioned above, there are different objectives for all the seven deals but the general objective remains the same – melding all the hand cards into sets and sequences. A player is declared as the winner when he/she goes out or discards the last card while melding.

The points of the losing players are calculated based on the points carried by their cards. Each card has specific points assigned. All the numbered cards have the same points as their numeric value; for example, 5 of Spades has 5 points, 10 of Clubs has 10 points and 2 of Diamonds has 2 points. Face cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks have 10 points each and Aces carry 15 points. Points carried by Jokers are exceptionally high – each (printed and wild) has 25 points.

So, carry some additional decks and play this rummy variation to have great fun with your friends!

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