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If you think that rummy is played only in the Indian subcontinent, think again! The game of rummy is so popular that it has evolved into different variations across all over the world. Known with different names, rummy variations have introduced their unique set of rules, making it as the most diverse card game in the world.

In this article, we will talk about the most widely played variant in South East Asia – Penang Rummy. Popularly known as Si Rummy, the game is a bit hit in Malaysia for its unique feature of ‘dead cards’, a hand that cannot be exchanged or drawn.

The core of the game rules remains the same: to eliminate all the unmatched or ‘deadwood’ cards and score the least number of points.

The number of cards dealt in Penang Rummy depends on the number of players in the game – 25 cards are dealt to each player in a three-player game and 20 cards are dealt to each player when it is played with more than three players.

What makes Penang Rummy different from other variations of Rummy is that you cannot draw or discard cards. So, the player does not have the choice to skip and will have to either meld or lay off. When a player has made a ‘run’ or ‘set’ of three or more cards, he can lay the cards face up on the table. During the game, the players can either lay off cards on other melds to continue a run or set. The trail of adding additional cards goes on until a player can no longer meld or lay off. When such a situation arises, he has to declare “Dead” and he will be eliminated from the game.

On the other hand, when a player gets rid of all of his hand cards, he wins the game of Penang Rummy. The losing players calculate their points based on the points assigned to their cards. The face cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks have 10 points each and Aces and Jokers have 15 and 20 points respectively. Other numbered cards have the same points as their face value.

So, get your deck of cards ready and try this unique game of Penang Rummy. Learn more variations of rummy and have great fun playing it with your family and friends.

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