Indian Rummy

We are all familiar with card games and its importance in India. Card games have been a part of the Indian culture for many years now. The Indian version of the rummy (13 card rummy) has got its traditional and cultural importance. But the cultural significance was starting to fade away until the launch of the online version of the Indian Rummy.

indian rummy

Indian Rummy is a card game which is played with 2 to 6 players, 2 decks of cards are used for playing the game. Every player is dealt with 13 cards each; the objective of the game is to make sets and sequences out of the 13 cards that they are dealt with. The player who completes the objective first wins the game. It is now shifted to its online counterpart where the gameplay is exactly similar to the traditional Indian rummy!

Indian Rummy in Mobile

The online version of the game is now popular from the young to the old. Indian rummy can now be played on the go with the emergence of mobile compatible rummy games. Many of the online rummy websites have made the gaming platform mobile compatible. Now it is possible to login from the mobile phones and more players can join the game from multiple locations and play the Indian Rummy!

The online Indian Rummy websites like Ace2Three, Junglee Rummy, Rummy Circle etc were the first to bring the Indian version of the rummy to the public. Most of the people are giving more priority to the online version as it provides a safe and secure game play. You also have the option to withdraw your winnings from the game anytime you like.

So to sum it up, we can be sure that the Indian version of the rummy game is all set to cross the boundaries and break the stats. The growth of the mobile gaming has also marked the expansion of the Indian Rummy online!


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