A Peek into the Popular Rummy Variations

Online rummy has started a revolution in terms of reaching out to a larger audience in India. By offering a trouble-free gaming environment to the players, online rummy is able to make new definition to traditional rummy. As we all know that rummy is the most common card variant played in India. The advent of online rummy has made it even more popular to the newer generations.

The adaptation of rummy on mobile devices has improved the portability of the game and has made the game more elegant by combining the traditional gameplay with the latest technology. All the hassles of playing traditional rummy are now resolved which allows players to play all the major online rummy variation without any issues.

Major Rummy Variations

There are many online rummy variations that are played in India. 13 cards rummy is commonly played in India which is also known as Indian rummy. There are many variants of 13 cards rummy including points rummy, deals rummy, pool rummy etc.

Points rummy is a very popular rummy variation which is commonly played online. The benefit of points rummy is that it allows players to play rummy quickly and earn cash. All of the major rummy websites hosts points rummy. Other major variant is the ‘deals rummy’ which is played for fixed number of deals this variant of rummy requires longer time to complete compared to points rummy. Pool rummy is played for pre-decided points like 101 or 201 etc. This is a very long rummy game as the players are knocked out of the game once they reach the pre-decided points value.

With online rummy, you can choose a rummy variant which you are comfortable with. You can also learn all the major rummy variants by playing online rummy. If you haven’t switched to online rummy, it is high time you should consider playing rummy online.

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