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21 Cards rummy is the card game that has increased its popularity ever since the advent of online rummy games. It is a very exciting rummy variant and it can take a game or two to learn the basics of the game. The game is played with 3 decks of cards and 21 cards are dealt to each player. The fact that it is difficult to hold 21 cards in a hand makes it a hassle while trying to play the game offline. The online variant of the game has made it simpler for the players, now you can play the game while enjoying the excitement of the game.

This article will cover the 21 cards winning hands which are one of the main rules of the 21 cards rummy. If you want to learn the all the rules of the game you can visit 21 card rummy game rules section. As you know there are some similarities between 21 cards rummy and Indian rummy, the objective is to meld the cards.

Winning Hands in 21 Cards Rummy

Following are the winning hands in the game of 21 cards rummy. You can make any of the following hands to declare your win.

  1. A combination of 3 pure sequences and the remaining cards can be arranged into sets and sequences.
  2. A combination of 3 Tunnelas which are in separate groups is a valid winning hand. The rest of the cards can be left off.
  3. A combination of 8 Dublees which are in separate groups is a valid winning hand. Rest of the cards can be left off.
  4. A combination of 8 jokers in a single group can be considered as a winning hand by leaving off the other cards without melding.

You can also check how to play 21 cards rummy here in this post.

These are basic winning hands in the 21 cards rummy. Since you are playing with 21 cards, it is not that difficult as it seems to make a winning hand. So, login to any online rummy site and start playing 21 cards rummy now.

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