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21 Cards Rummy is one of the unique variations of online rummy games. It is a very popular card game played during the Dusshera and Diwali festivals in the Kathmandu valley. But thanks to Adda 52 Rummy, the lovers of 21 Cards Rummy can play the game online during anytime they wish.

21 cards rummy

21 Cards Rummy is quite similar to the normal game of 13 Cards Rummy. You need to arrange all the cards in sequences and/or sets. However, the aspects of the game that make it different from the 13 Cards Rummy are mentioned below:

3 Decks of Cards: Unlike 13 Cards Rummy, three decks of cards are used in the game.

21 Cards Dealt: Just like the name, 21 cards are distributed to each player.

3 Pure Sequences: You need to make a minimum of three pure sequences.

Points Calculation: If you are unable to make three pure sequences, your entire hand will be counted as points. However, if you succeed, then the rest of the unmatched cards are counted.

Drop Points: You get 30 points if you opt for first drop. Middle Drop accounts to 75 points. If you leave the table after the game has started, you get 120 points.

Value Cards: In addition to the Wild Jokers, there are value cards in 21 Cards Rummy. These cards are highlighted at the starting of each game. Value cards are used as Jokers and they can replace any other card to form sets or sequences; however, additional points are assigned to them. For example, if 6 of hearts is chosen as the wild joker, then 5 of hearts is considered as the value card and it carries 20 points. Whoever is having a 5 of hearts will get 20 points from the other players. Similarly, 6 and 4 of hearts are value cards and they carry 20 points.

So, try this new variation of rummy games today. Test your skills in the game of 21 Cards Rummy and play online rummy game for real cash at Adda 52 Rummy.




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