Rummy Tournament Reviews

From a very young age, most of the people in India have tried their hands with card games. They have played and acquired the skill that it takes to play and win most of the card games. The love for rummy in India is clear from the connection it holds in the Indian families. Card games like rummy hold an integral part in teaching the basics of mathematics and it also helps in improving the confidence level.

Rummy has a very precious tradition in India. It is the most played card game during festive seasons and family gatherings. Rummy has now grown into our daily life as the most loved card game in India. Rummy tournaments are conducted many parts of India, where people gather and play rummy for cash.

There was a slight descent in the number of people who played rummy tournaments lately. The reason for the drop is the change in lifestyle of people; everyone is now leading a fast life and the traditional games are slowly fading away. However with the introduction of online rummy games in India, people can easily access the digital version of rummy tournaments and play with their loved ones.

Online Rummy Tournaments

The growth of online rummy games has marked a tremendous shift of the traditional card games into the digital space. People are now able to login from a location and play their favourite game with their loved ones. So with the addition of features like mobile gaming platform support, the rummy tournaments game back to life, giving back the joy to the people in India. People can play with cash online with the rummy tournaments that are hosted by the rummy websites.

There are many rummy tournaments that are hosted worldwide; the tourneys hosted in India are of world class. The Indian rummy tournaments have a similar implementation of that of the world rummy tournaments. The online version of rummy tournaments removes the hassle of waiting for your friends as well as your relatives to join the tournament.

The shift from the traditional to online card game was really appreciated by the game lovers in India. As a result the overall gaming revenue in India has doubled in the past decade. The gaming revenue in India is booming and India is now the fastest growing market in the global gaming industry. As a result many game development companies are now coming into the online rummy industry. Now people have many options to choose from a variety of online rummy tournaments hosted in different websites.

How Rummy Tournaments Work

Rummy tournaments are mainly hosted by the rummy gaming websites; most of the tournaments are running on a daily basis. Interested players can login to their mobile or PC and compete against the fellow players for real cash. Some of the things that you should consider while playing rummy tournament online are discussed below:

Seats in Rummy Tournaments

Almost all of the rummy tournaments hosted online have a predefined number of seats available. The people who register first will be able to get an assured seat and participate in the rummy tournament. The number of players is purely decided by the online rummy website which hosts the tournament. There are online tournaments which have thousands of seats available. The players will be seated across multiple tables; each of the table will accommodate a fixed number of players usually 6. While on the seat, the players will be distributed with the fixed number of chips representing the tournament prize pool.

The winner of the tournament will win the chips from the losing players according to the points scored by them.

How to Play Rummy Tournament

The most important thing to take note while playing a tournament is how you prepare yourself to win. The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with all the chips that are accumulated from the players who have lost during the time of the tournament. The gameplay is similar to any rummy game where you will have to make sequences and sets out of the cards you are dealt with. But you will have to win over your opponents in many tables to win the tournament. The players who complete the game first will receive the chips from the competing players.

As all the deals are finished, the winners will be announced according to the chips they have acquired. So if you have acquired the most number of chips, you will be the tournament winner. In case of a tie, there would usually be another game to break the tie.

Types of Rummy Tournaments

There are many types of tournaments played all over the world. The main attraction of the tournaments is that you are able to play many deals with different players. As the diversity of the payer increases, you will be able to grasp the strategies implemented by your opponents which will improve your rummy skills. The world rummy tournaments are usually hosted as freeroll and cash tournament variants. The differences of the both are discussed below:

Cash Rummy Tournament

The cash rummy tourneys are tournaments which are played for real cash. The players will need to buy chips and play the game. The rummy websites will incur an entry fee for the tournament; this money will be acting as the prize pool for the tournament. It is really interesting to play cash rummy tournaments you will be earning the money from your competitors as you overpower them. So if you are really skilled and you want to win some real money, you can choose to play at the cash rummy tournaments.

Freeroll Rummy Tournament

When you are entering the online rummy lobby in your favourite website and you see a rummy tournament which says freeroll; it means that you can participate in the tournament without paying any entry fee. Almost all of the rummy websites host freeroll rummy tourneys frequently. The giveaways of the freeroll tournaments will be by the hosting website. The main rummy websites like Junglee Rummy, Ace2Three, Rummy Circle etc frequently host special freeroll rummy tournaments. The main attraction of the freeroll tourney is that you have nothing to lose and you can still achieve the experience the real tournament experience.

The industry leaders in the online rummy tournaments are striving hard to provide the best tournaments for its players. As more websites are starting to build the online platforms along with the mobile versions, we can expect more online rummy tournaments with big stakes in the near future.

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