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We all know the importance of the rummy game in the Indian tradition. In this article, we will be deep diving on the evolution and the future of rummy games. The evolution and milestones of the favourite Indian card game Rummy could be divided into 5 different eras.

The era in which the game of rummy evolved into the life of the people in India is named here as ‘The Traditional Era’. The period when the card game of rummy evolved into private card rooms and the Indian families is named as ‘Private Card Room Era’. The advent of rummy into the online platforms has marked an incredible growth in the gaming industry which is named here as ‘The Online Rummy Era’. The phase of fights over the legalisation of online rummy games was an important concern in the Indian gaming industry which is named here as ‘The Legalisation Era’. The growth of mobile rummy games which again added to the enhancement of the gaming industry is named as ‘The Mobile Era’.
Let us discuss a bit in detail on each of the stages through which the game of rummy evolved into the Indian life.

The Traditional Era of the Rummy Game

It is believed that the first version of rummy card game was born from the United States and Mexico. From there it has passed through the continents and arrived in India. The origin of traditional rummy was believed to be from Gin rummy, the actual variants of the game include many changes compared to the Indian variant of the rummy. The Indian rummy variant is the 13 card rummy which is commonly known as Indian Rummy. The basic gameplay of the rummy game is picking and discarding. You pick a card from the closed or open deck and you discard a card from your hand until you meld your cards into sequences and sets.

In the traditional era, the influence that rummy games had in the Indian families was exceptional. Almost all of the families in India accepted the 13 card rummy as an absolute entertainment and they even served as a medium to mingle with new people. This was an amazing phase of growth for the popularity of the game in the Indian culture. Now Indian rummy plays a prominent role in the gaming culture of the country.

Private Card Room Era of Rummy Games

The card game lovers in India were taking the rummy game seriously and it was the most loved card game in Private card rooms in India. The gatherings of friends were made more memorable with this skill and strategy card game. Playing rummy card game for cash was a favourite leisure time for revellers in India. There are people who used to consider rummy games as the main source of income. The skilled players were able to gather and play with their friends and game enthusiasts to win lots in real money.

Private rummy rooms in India were the favourite hangout destination for most of the card game lovers. There were private card rooms for almost all of the skill based game lovers throughout the country. Indian rummy was also considered a main indoor game played in almost all of the man caves in India. The private card room era has also helped in successfully transferring the game to the next generation which we commonly call as online rummy games.

The Online Gaming Era of Rummy Card Game

As time advanced, people were out of time and the lifestyle of people has also changed. Everyone is now leading a busy life and is running behind their work schedule. This is the era that has marked an important revolution that has marked history. Online rummy games were introduced in a period when people really wanted it. Rummy game lovers took the online variant of the skill game to their hearts as they could easily access the game and play for real money. The advent of rummy online games was bliss for the hardcore card game players in India who considered playing 13 cards rummy as a part-time job-cum-entertainment. People play rummy card games to earn free money and then there are some experienced players who are so good that they are winning lakhs in real cash prizes. This also made it easy for the game lovers to play rummy online any time of the day.
The shift from traditional to online rummy games has specified a different dimension to the game, now people can easily log in and play the game anywhere they like. This has also marked a revolution in the Indian gaming industry. The revenue of the Indian gaming industry has skyrocketed ever since the card game moved to online gaming platforms. Gaming companies all over the world are now waiting for a break to hit the Indian gaming market. The main players in the Industry like Junglee Rummy, Ace2Three, Rummy Circle and Classic Rummy were able to bring seamless and quality gaming experience to the gamers online.

The Legalisation Era of Rummy Games

The gambling laws in India are state specific and from early 2012, there were many cases regarding the legalisation of rummy. The important rule regarding the online rummy games was made by the Supreme Court stating that the 13 card rummy is a ‘game of skill’ and should not be considered as gambling. This ruling has untied the game development companies in India from the unnecessary hassles and helped them offer a better gaming experience for its players.
Rummy legalisation is the key factor that has to lead to the expansion of the rummy online games throughout India. This is why people can now enjoy their favourite rummy variations or formats without a hitch.

The Mobile Era of Rummy Games

The Android and iOS mobile ecosystems have brought a tremendous boost in the mobile gaming industry. There are now numerous games that make use of the software and hardware capabilities of the smartphones. Rummy games have also switched to mobile platforms and almost the entire online rummy websites in India are now mobile compatible. This means that you can play the rummy card game on the go from Google Chrome or Safari browsers pre-installed in your smartphone or tablet.

Apart from mobile compatible gaming platforms, there is Android and iOS free rummy mobile apps that are available to download from the app stores. The terms of service of Google and Apple stores prohibits playing games for real money. All gambling and ‘game of skill’ games are prohibited in the stores, however, the android version of the card games are available for download from the website. So if you want to play the game on a mobile app, you can download the free rummy app APK file from the website and play seamlessly. This offered a simplified gaming experience compared the traditional rummy you used to play in the childhood.

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