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Pool Rummy Rules and Tutorial

We have heard of the different variants of Rummy games that are played in India. Ever since the dawn of online rummy games, there has been an outburst in the popularity of various rummy variants. Out of this, the most trending variant of the Rummy game that is rocking the rummy gaming industry is the Pool rummy game. Pool Rummy rules are pretty much similar to points rummy, and new players can quickly grasp the gameplay. This is an exciting rummy variation as the game follows a knockout gameplay and players can feel competitive nature of the game. This article will cover the basic pool rummy rules and detailed information on how to play pool rummy games online.

How to Play Pool Rummy?

Among the other rummy variants, pool rummy was a game that has gained popularity since the advent of online rummy platforms. With online rummy portals, people can easily access the game which has made it easy for the players.  The dynamic gameplay of the game has made it popular online.  Even though pool Rummy rules are simple, the level of excitement is unmatched. In pool rummy game, the player will need to bring a predefined amount of money while playing the game; this will act as the prize pool. Points are calculated for pool rummy, and the points will be given a fixed value in money.

The main attraction of the game is that this is a knockout rummy variant. The player who reaches the max points (points pool) in a round will be knocked out of the game in the first round. The points of the players who finish the game with minor points will be carried back to the next round. This makes the game more competitive as at last the game will be with just 2 people.

How is Elimination Carried out Pool Rummy Rules?

Elimination or Knockout is the coolest rule of the Pool rummy game. However, the game can be a bit longer compared to the other rummy variants. Before the game starts, the points pool is decided; points pool is the point that acts as the benchmark for the knockout. Usually, the points pool is 101 points and 201 points. Once the player who reaches the points pool, he is eliminated from the pool rummy game.

For example, in a 101 pool rummy game, if a player gets 80 points, these 80 points are carried back to the next round. If the player gets more than 30 points that is more than 101 in total, he/she will be eliminated from the game. The winner is the one who remains in the game after all the opponents are eliminated.

Point calculation in Pool Rummy

In Pool Rummy, the face cards A,K,Q,J have 10 points each and the number cards 2 to 10 have the points corresponding the value they represent. The points are calculated according to the following rules:

The winner of every round gets zero points. The players who are not able to arrange a pure sequence will be given 80 points each. The wrong declaration is also given 80 points. If the player is not able to make two sequences from his cards, all the points corresponding the cards are counted. The player who makes two sequences with a pure sequence, only the points of the remaining cards are counted for points.

If the player drops before making a move, 20 points are given. If the player discards in the middle of the game, 40 points are given. The point calculation for the drop differs with the 101 and 201 variant of the pool rummy game.

How to Rejoin in Pool Rummy

In pool rummy, players have the opportunity to rejoin the game. If you rejoin a game, your starting score will be one point above the highest score in the game. For example, if there are two players in the game and the scores are 20 and 45, you can rejoin the game with 46 points. Another condition to rejoin the table is that the highest score of the players should be less than 79 points in 101 pool rummy and 174 points for 201 pool rummy. You can rejoin the game any number of times as long as you have the balance to pay for the entry free.

So, if you are new to the game, learn how to play pool rummy games and head straight to your favourite online portal. You will have an exciting experience with the game online. Please do let us know how the game went for you.

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