Rummy Tournaments – Where and How to Join Card Game Tournaments

Recently, there has been a massive increase in the number of sites offering top quality gaming services to the players. This is good news for the players as they can choose from a broad range of rummy variants and tournaments. Rummy Tournaments are a straightforward and exciting way to enjoy rummy online. Tournaments are evolved from their offline counterparts and players can benefit from the game without losing the excitement.

Before the dawn of online rummy games, there were private game rooms and clubs where rummy tournaments were hosted. With the advent of online rummy games, the tourneys had upgraded to the digital platforms. Now players can easily take part in the tournaments as the accessibility of the game has increased drastically.

Why Rummy Tournaments are Exciting

As compared to regular cash rummy games, tournaments stand out by offering players with the highest level of adrenaline rush. You can take part in the tournaments to feel the excitement. Tournaments are fantastic platforms for new players to feel the excitement of cash tables. Rummy portals host a broad range of tourneys from freeroll to high roller tournaments. You can choose from the table that you love and win fabulous cash prizes.

Another benefit of participating in rummy tournaments is that it increases your exposure to rummy and improves your gameplay. While you participate in the rummy tourneys, you have the opportunity to play with multiple rummy players. This exposure can help you in improving your gaming skills and strategies.

How to Join a Rummy Tournament?

As discussed earlier, there are different types of tournaments, but almost all the tournaments have same procedure to enter. Depending on the tournament type the entry criteria for the competition differs, players can enter with cash, chips, entry ticket from satellite tournament, loyalty points, etc. Most of the tournament requires the players to register for the tournaments in advance. Almost all of the Rummy tournaments have limited seats, and this is the main reason for registering in advance. Once registered, you need to visit the site and join the table on time to participate.

What are Satellite Tournaments?

Mostly in large tournaments with high prize pools, the portal hosts satellite tourneys to filter the skilled players. Satellite tournaments can be considered as a qualifying event that allows the expert players to take part in the main event without spending the big entry free. Some tournament types allow direct entry to the main event with an entry fee. If you do not have the budget for direct entry, you can always participate in the satellite tournament to win the entry tickets to the final event.

Depending on how big the tournament is, there can be multiple satellite tournaments. If you have the skill to overpower your opponents in rummy, you can take part in the satellite tournament and win the entry ticket to the main event.

Different Types of Rummy Tournaments

As discussed earlier, different types of tournaments are hosted in rummy portals. Some of the major rummy tournaments that are hosted by Indian rummy sites are listed below.

High Roller Tournaments

High roller tourneys are regular tournaments but with a huge prize pool and a comparatively higher entry fee. Most of the rummy portals host a diverse range of tournament tables as to players from different walks of life can enjoy. The high roller tournaments are designed for the expert rummy players who like to make it big.

Practice Tournaments

Practice tournaments are designed for the players who are interested in taking part in fun rummy games. These types of tournament are intended for the new players who would want to experience the excitement of taking part in rummy tournaments. New players can play and brush their skills by taking part in these kinds of tourneys.

Festive Tournaments

Festive tournaments are individual tournaments that are hosted on special festive occasions. Usually, the entry fee for these types of tournaments will be less compared to regular tournaments and the prize pool will be high!

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll rummy tourneys are hosted by online rummy portals where players can play for free and earn cash prizes! Almost all of the major rummy sites hosts freeroll tournament to increase player engagement on the site. This is a fantastic platform for budding rummy players, where they can experience cash rummy tourneys without paying any entry fee.

Mobile Exclusive Tournaments

There are rummy tournaments that are hosted exclusively on mobile apps and sites. These are designed to increase the awareness of mobile rummy sites. The procedure to join the tournament will be similar to standard tourneys. Players can play these tournaments on mobile devices and win cash prizes.

So, if you haven’t tried rummy tournaments yet, head straight to your favourite rummy portal and try out the different tournaments that are hosted on the site. Do let us know what your favourite rummy tourney is.

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