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Rummy is a game that is played worldwide; enormous variants of rummy are played in different parts of the world due to the localisation of the game. However, the basic gameplay of rummy and its variants are similar. Out of the many variants of rummy that are played, 13 cards rummy is the most prominent variant of rummy in India. There are other variants of the game that are also played in India like the 21 cards rummy. However people prefer to play the 13 card rummy variant as the cards easy to be held in the hands compared to the 21 card variant. The online version of rummy has also gained popularity lately in India as gamers can now easily play 13 card rummy games online.

How to Play 13 Cards Rummy Online

You can choose to play free rummy games online to get a hold of the basic rules of the game. If you have played rummy earlier, you can just login and it will just take a game or two to get used to the online rummy variant. The gameplay of the traditional rummy, as well as the online rummy, is the same. The only difference in the game is that in online rummy you will be playing with gamers all around the world. The reliability that online rummy games offer is uncompromised, while in offline rummy you are not offered with a reliable gaming experience. You can play free rummy games in the websites which offer 24×7 games.

13 Card Rummy Game Play: The main objective of the games is to make sets and sequences with 13 cards. You can pick up a card from the closed or open deck and you need to discard an unwanted card to the open deck. If you are able to arrange all the cards to sets and sequences first, you can win the game.

13 Card Rummy Rules:  A set is an arrangement of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank and different suits. A sequence is an arrangement of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. A joker is used to substitute the missing card to make a set or sequence. A wild card joker is selected at random from the closed deck. All printed joker and all the cards with the rank of the ‘wild card Joker’ will act as Joker. You need to have 2 sequences and at least one of the sequences should not contain a Joker (Pure Sequence) in order to declare the game.

Play Free Rummy Online

There are many reliable online rummy websites like Junglee Rummy, Rummy Circle, Ace2Three etc where you can play 13 card rummy for free. You can login to the websites and play anytime you like, this will help you to increase your experience in playing rummy and you can master the game quickly. An upside of playing free rummy online is that you get to play with many people around the world; this allows you to increase your rummy playing skills.

All you have to do is to create an account with any of the reliable rummy websites. You just need to include the very basic information like email to open an account. You will be directed to the game lobby where you can join any of the practice tables. Once you have got a hold of the game, you can participate in free-roll tournaments without paying any money. Almost all of the rummy websites hosts daily tournaments in which you can win real money without paying any money.

 Difference between 13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy

Some of the main difference between the online versions of rummy compared to the offline counterpart is the convenience that online rummy offers. People can login from any location even from their mobile and play free rummy games anytime they like. Another important handiness that the online rummy offers is that you don’t have to hold the cards in your hand and have trouble sorting the cards.

The gameplay of the 13 cards rummy and the 21 cards rummy is similar. The main difference is with the Joker. In the 21 card variant there are 3 Jokers, one is the ‘wild card joker’ selected at random as in the 13 card variant. One of the extra Jokers is called ‘Upper Joker’ which is the card that ranks just above the ‘wild card joker’. Other Joker is known as ‘Lower Joker’ which is the card that ranks just below the ‘wild card joker’. While in 13 card rummy game, you will just have the printed joker and the ‘wild card joker’.

Other rules of the cards include ‘Tunnela’ and ‘Dublee’. A ‘Tunnela’ is obtained if 3 cards of the same rank and suit are arranged. Dublee is a combination of 2 cards of the same suit and rank. To win the 21 cards rummy you will have to create any of the following:

  1. 3 pure sequences and rest of the cards with sets or sequences (pure or impure)
  2. 3 Tunnela of different ranks (Not necessary to arrange the remaining cards)
  3. 8 Dublee of different ranks (Not necessary to arrange the remaining cards)
  4. 8 Jokers (Not necessary to arrange the remaining cards)

Online versions of 13 Cards Rummy

There are many variants of the online 13 cards rummy games that are available to be played for free online. Some of the variants of the free rummy games are Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy, Points Rummy, and Rummy Tournaments. Almost all of the games are similar; the major difference is in how points are calculated and the number of rounds. The entire 13 card variants of the game are available to be played for free using the practice chips.

So if you are a hardcore rummy lover or a wannabe rummy player, you can search online for ‘play 13 card rummy online free’ and you will get a list of many websites that are providing high quality rummy gaming experiences. Almost all of the websites provide 24×7 rummy games, so you can improve your skills any time of the day. Don’t wait anymore start playing Online rummy for free now!


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