Online Rummy Gets a Ban in Telangana

Things are going to get harder for the Indian rummy gaming industry as the Telangana government has signed a new ordinance which bans online rummy in the state. Overriding the Supreme Court verdict of 18th August 2017 that recognised rummy as a game of skill, the (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) TRS government had come up with a new ordinance that bans players from taking part in online rummy games.

Many online rummy sites in India including Ace2Three have been in trouble after the new ordinance. Ace2Three has completely shut down its real money games in India. Players can play practice games from the portal.

The ruling from the government is contradicting its gaming policy which was released three months ago. The gaming policy proposed to provide incentives for those who invest in the online gaming industry. The Telangana Gaming Act, 1974 will be modified with a new definition for ‘cyberspace’ in the act.

Anyone who is found guilty of playing rummy online in Telangana will be punishable under the new law. Those who promote the game will also be facing prosecution. This has made all the major rummy gaming portals in India to give a warning in their homepage. Please see the information on Ace2Three below:

The police of Telangana is said to have a tough time tracking down the players who are not in compliance with the new ordinance. The online rummy gaming is a multi-million industry and is one of the major contributors of revenue to the Indian gaming industry. The sites like Ace2Three, Classic Rummy, Adda52, etc. are the major contributors to a huge player base. Since complete cash games have been put on a halt in Ace2Three and similar sites, for the time being, the financial losses need to be taken into account.

However, as rummy enthusiasts, we wish that the traditional game comes back and accessible to people all over India. Please share your views on the Ban of Online Rummy by the Telangana government in the comment section below.

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