KhelPlay Rummy Tournament | Anniversary Double Gold Tourney

KhelPlay Rummy is bringing back their old promotion which rewarded the players with Gold Coins. The new KhelPlay Rummy Tournament named Anniversary Double Gold Tournament will reward you with Gold coins, KhelPlay Cash Cards and other exciting cash prizes. In order to win your gold coin, you have to make sure to make a wagering of more than Rs.5000 from July 1st to July 24th 2015 and play on free to sit tournament.

KhelPlay Rummy Tournament Details

In order to play on the KhelPlay Rummy tournament, you have to make a minimum wagering amount of Rs.5000 between dates 1st of July and 24th of July 2015. The entry to the tournament is free and KhelPlay guarantees that no one will go empty handed.

Every player who has participated in the rummy tourney will take home gold coins, KPR cash cards and other cash prizes. The rummy tournament will begin on 24th July at 9:00 PM. So, start playing and depositing cash in your KhelPlay Rummy account if you want to win glittering gold coins!

KhelPlay Rummy Tournament Prizes

The rummy tournament will be held in 4 rounds and you need to have 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 chips in order to compete in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds respectively. The prizes you can win by taking part in the Anniversary Double Gold Tournament are given below:

Rank on Each Round Number of Prizes Prizes
1st in Final Round 6 Gold Coins 1 Gm Gold Coin Each
2nd in Final Round 3 Gold Coins 1 Gm Gold Coin Each
3rd in Final Round 1 Gold Coins 1 Gm Gold Coin Each
4th in Final Round KPR Cash Card Rs.2000
5th in Final Round KPR Cash Card Rs.2000
6th in Final Round KPR Cash Card Rs.2000
3rd in Third Round 3 Rs.750
4th in Third Round 3 Rs.500
5th in Third Round 2 Rs.400
2nd in Second Round 14 Rs.250
2nd in First Round 84 Rs.100

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab gold coins and cash prizes! Deposit and play more all this month of July and make sure you enter this amazing KhelPlay Rummy tournament.

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