Junglee Rummy | Smoking Aces

Aces can get you high, especially at Junglee Rummy! That’s right! Take part in a special contest where you can rewarded for having Aces in your sleeve – Win with Aces and you can grab Rs.12,000 in cash prizes!

junglee rummy smoking aces

Join the Smoking Aces contest at Junglee Rummy and win cash prizes with aces. All you need to do is win a game with a set of four aces to grab cash prizes.

The first 40 players who complete this contest during 24 October 2014 will win Rs.300 each. You need to complete the contest on Points Rummy games of Rs.80 and above.

If you are successful to complete this crazy contest, you need to mail your game ID to Junglee Rummy. The management will evaluate your case and if successful, Rs.300 will be credited to your account at the end of the contest.

This contest will test your skills on an entirely new level. Players usually get rid of high value cards like Aces, as they carry 10 points. In this contest, you need to collect all four Aces and win. If you make a set of three Aces, you will still need another Ace to complete the challenge at Junglee Rummy.

So, grab those smoking Aces and win cool prizes at Junglee Rummy. If you get lucky with aces, don’t forget to mail your game id to win cash prizes.


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