Junglee Rummy Promotion | Smoking Aces

Junglee Rummy has surprised its players again by launching another unique promotion! The rummy promotion has been name with style as ‘Smoking Aces’ and it has become a hot favourite among online player for its challenging concept.

The objective of this contest is to discard an Ace of any suit as the Finish Card to win the game and you could grab the hundred times of its value. You need to use tactful skills to play the game as you need to keep an Ace aside and arrange all the remaining cards in proper sequences and sets. When the suitable opportunity arises, you need to finish the game by discarding an Ace on the Finish Slot to win Rs.1000!

The first ten players who could complete this challenge would win the cash prizes. However, the reward is applicable on tables that have at least three players. Also, players need to play on tables above Rs.160 in order to avail the cash prize at Junglee Rummy.

The promotion will run for 48 hours, giving ample time for rummy players to meet the objective. Whenever a player wins the game by discarding an Ace on the Finish Slot, he/she has to mail the Ids of the table and hand at Junglee Rummy to avail the prize. If the game is valid, Rs.1000 will be automatically credited to the players’ Junglee Rummy account.

Junglee Rummy reserves its right in deciding the winners of the promotion. If multiple accounts are used to win the prize during this promotion, the accounts would get suspended. Also, the gameplay should not exceed the average number of cards which are drawn in a normal game of online rummy.

So, use your skills and strike your rummy opponents down with your aces! Join this amazing promotion and grab great prizes at Junglee Rummy!

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