Junglee Rummy Promotion | Cloud Number 9

Junglee Rummy is quite popular for introducing innovative promotions and features in online rummy games. The latest Junglee Rummy promotion has drawn a lot of attention from online rummy players for its challenging concept. The Junglee Rummy promotion is named as ‘Cloud Number 9’ and it a form of situational or contextual promotion.

Players need to keep the card nine of any suit aside and declare it as the finish card to win the game. The first ten players who win the game during the promotional period of 48 hours win hundred times the value of the card, i.e. Rs.900.

Discarding a nine on the finish slot is not that easy. It would require a lot of skills to keep the card separately and wait till all of your cards are arranged in sequences and/or sets. It is a great Junglee Rummy Promotion for all skilled online rummy players who look for such challenging contests.

Whenever a player declares and wins the game by discarding a nine of any suit, he or she has to mail the table and hand IDs to JungleeRummy.com and if the game is found valid, Rs.900 would be credited to the player’s account.

However, there are some applied terms and conditions for this promotion. The reward is applicable on tables above Rs.160 and there has to be at least three players on the table to avoid collusion or frauds.

Such unique contest adds great fun while playing online rummy games. Junglee Rummy has proven again why it stands out as one of the most innovative online rummy site in India.


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