Junglee Rummy | Freaky Friday

Get ready for a freaky contest this Halloween at Junglee Rummy! Use your tactics and scare everyone at the tables out of their wits – Top the Leaderboard and you can grab Rs.15,000 in cash prizes!

junglee rummy contest

This special leaderboard will run for 24 during to celebrate the wacky occasion of Halloween. You need to play and win maximum amount during the promotion period to secure a position.

Many prizes will be given out to the top rummy players. The top five players whose names appear on the leaderboard at the end of the promotion win Rs.15,000 in cash prizes.

The concept of the contest is simple: Win maximum amount during the promotion period. You will be awarded with points for every cash amount you win. The leaderboard will be updated after every one with the latest points earned by the rummy players.

Maintain a steady winning streak during the promotion period to improve your chances of winning at Junglee Rummy. The competition reaches its peak hours after 8PM. So make sure to check your score and lead the leaderboard by winning maximum amount.

The first winner of the leaderboard will win Rs.5000; the player who secures the second position will win Rs.4000. The third and fourth winners will get Rs.3000 and Rs.2000. The last prize of Rs.1000 will go to the 5th winner.

So, join the leaderboard chase at Junglee Rummy and win great cash prizes this Halloween!



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