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Customer support forms an integral part of the gaming industry. A good relation with the customers helps in retaining the players and maintaining the reputation of a games site. Similarly, a good rummy site should also have an efficient customer support team to engage its players and solve every problem, with instant resolution.

There are many rummy sites but if we happen to rate the best rummy customer support, there are only a few. So, if you looking to find the best rummy customer support, here is the list of them:


Ace2Three is known to offer extensive rummy customer support. Players can contact the support team by submitting their questions at the website. Their dedicated customer support team provides quick resolution so that all queries are resolved instantly.

Classic Rummy

The comprehensive rummy customer support team offers great help to its players. Players can contact the customer support team by email, phone call and through live chat.  These multiple ways of support make play classic rummy online a very friendly games site.

Junglee Rummy

Junglee Rummy also offers phone, email and live chat support to its players. The help line number is active from 10 AM to 6 PM during the week days. Besides these, the site has a comprehensive FAQ section that provides step-by-step resolutions to all the queries.

Rummy Circle

Players can get rummy customer support by sending mails through the ‘Contact Us’ section. They can write feedback, comments or ask questions about any problems faced at the site. The rummy circle customer support team is very prompt in replying and resolving any query.

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