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Classic Rummy has all the recipes to make rummy games more exciting. The unique rummy promotion called as “Apna Sapna Cash Cash” has dozens of challenging contextual contests for online players to test their skills in 13 cards rummy.

Online rummy players need to complete the challenge and inform the support team of classic rummy to win cash prizes worth Rs.13,000. Here is the list of the famous rummy contests at Classic Rummy:

Opposites Attract

Players need to arrange six pairs of Kings and Queens in opposite colours with the 13 card as the printed Joker.

Total Time Pass

Online rummy players need to collect Aces, Twos and Threes of all four suits along with a printed Joker to win cash prizes.

Chillar Party

Rummy players need to arrange cards in such a way so that the total count of card point does not exceed 32 points.

Gents Only

Classic rummy players need to have only Kings and Jokers in their hands without Jokers in order to win the contest.

Sabkuch Milaake

This rummy contest rewards those players who could arrange one natural sequence in every suit, i.e. four sequences in total.

Joker Overload

Rummy players need to collect all the nine Jokers (Printed and Wild) during a game to win the contest.

Ladies Only

All the thirteen cards in the hand should be of Queens and Aces and the players who arrange those wins the contest.

King is King

This contest rewards those players with cash prizes who could collect all the eight Kings in a single game of rummy.

Mix It Up

Classic Rummy players need to collect all the cards from Aces to Kings in alternate colours in order to win cash prizes.


Online rummy players need to have all the thirteen cards in the suit of hearts in order to win cash prizes


It rewards Classic Rummy players during a situation where they could not make any natural sequences and sets in spite of having three jokers.


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