Classic Rummy Goes Multi-Lingual!

Classic Rummy has great news for all its players from South India! Now, players can play rummy in both English and Telugu!

Classic Rummy Telugu Language

The introduction of Telugu language is made while keeping in mind that vast majority of the Classic Rummy players belong to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Those hailing from these states or who speak in Telugu can have the joys of playing rummy in their own language.

The option to play in Telugu in Classic Rummy offers the players from South India to play rummy in their own regional flavour. The whole site can be viewed in Telugu that makes it quite an exquisite site for players from the Telugu speaking states.

Players can select and change the language preference by selecting the language on the top right corner. Once you select Telugu, the whole content of the site changes to Telugu.

This makes Classic Rummy a much more user friendly site than others in the Telugu speaking regions. The navigation and understanding of the new promotions and contests becomes a lot easier than comprehending them in the English language.

The players from the Telugu speaking communities have highly appreciated this effort from Classic Rummy. Playing rummy in the own mother tongue gives a whole new gaming experience.

Players from other states also hope that their languages will also be introduced at Classic Rummy, making it a truly multi-lingual site to play rummy.

So, if you speak Telugu, experience a new gaming experience in the words you know best! Enjoy the joys of playing in your own language and have lots of fun!

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