Adda52 Rummy Tournaments | Loyalty Finals June 2015

Start the month of June trying to play maximum cash rummy games as Adda52 Rummy. Play maximum cash games and earn loyalty points to compete in the Loyalty Finals for a cash prize of up to Rs.50,000. Only the best can reach the finale scheduled for July. If you have what it takes to maximize your impact on the rummy table, you can be that one player to take home the cash prizes!

Play maximum cash rummy games during Adda52 Rummy Tournament period and earn loyalty points to compete in the Loyalty Finals for a cash prize of up to Rs.50,000. Register now!

Adda52 Rummy Tournament Details

The Adda52 Rummy tournaments named Loyalty Premium, Loyalty Pro and Loyalty Sharks will run from 8th June to 3rd July. You have play and gain maximum loyalty points in the tourney period to grab your seat for the finale.

Loyalty Premium will run from 8th June to 1st July and in order to take part in the finale you should have a minimum loyalty point of 1000. The players having more than 2500 loyalty points will come under Loyalty Pro and they will have their final rummy tournament on 2nd July.

The Loyalty Sharks will have their finale on 3rd July. You need to have 7000 or above loyalty points to grab your seats of the tourney final in this category. All the final tournaments will be at 10:30 PM on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 2015. The Loyalty Sharks Final will only run if there are at least 9 players.

The complete details of the Adda52 Rummy Tournaments are as given in the table below:

Tournament Name Loyal Points Req Schedule Prize Pool
Loyalty Premium 1000 8th June – 1st July 2015 Rs.10,000
Loyalty Pro 2500 8th June – 2nd July 2015 Rs.15,000
Loyalty Sharks 7000 8th June – 3rd July 2015 Rs.25,000

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