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Adda 52 Rummy has launched a super contest for you to showcase your skills in 21 Cards Rummy. Get a marriage in hand and become a Marriage Master to win cash prizes up to 2 lakhs!

adda 52 rummy marriage masters

21 Cards Rummy is an exciting variation of rummy games. The game is far more competitive than its counterpart variants and players need a lot of skills to master it. The introduction of the Marraige Masters contest at Adda 52 Rummy revives the enthusiasm of the players to play 21 Cards Rummy.

In order to become a Marriage Master, you need to get a marriage in hand while playing 21 cards rummy. You can get a marriage in hand by accumulating the Cut Joker, Lower Joker and Upper Joker during the game. If you have it, you not only penalise your opponents with 100 points but also win cool cash prizes.

The cash prizes differ according to the cash games you play at Adda 52 Rummy. The list of prizes for different cash games are mentioned below:

Lower Tables 1: You can win Rs.20 for getting marriage in hand in cash games with Rs.0.5 as entry fee and grab Rs.50 on tables with Rs.1 as entry fee.

Medium Tables: You can win Rs.100 for getting marriage in hand in cash games with Rs.2 as entry fee; Rs. 200 on cash tables with Rs.4 and Rs.6 as entry fee.

Higher Tables: You can win Rs.400 for getting marriage in hand in cash games with Rs.10 as entry fee

On getting a marriage in hand, you need to click on Report Issue to notify Adda 52 Rummy about your winning. Once verified, the cash amount will be credited to your account.

The competition is not that easy: getting a marriage in hand requires luck, as any discarded joker cannot be picked by you. You can only get a marriage in hand during the initial shuffling of the cards or by picking it up from the closed deck during your turns.

So test your luck in this amazing contest and become a Marriage Master! Win with marriage in hand and grab cool cash prizes!

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