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The loyalty program at Adda 52 Rummy is a great way to earn additional benefits while playing online rummy games. The program is advantageous for cash rummy players as they can use it to encash their cash bonuses faster and get free entry to special events hosted by Adda 52 Rummy. Cash rummy players can also exchange their loyalty points into real cash bonus chips in accordance with the latest available schemes announced at the rummy site.

adda 52 loyalty program

Players can avail the benefits of loyalty program by depositing real cash into their Adda 52 Rummy accounts. They will initially avail the status of bronze level which will gradually increase with the number of games played at Adda 52 Rummy.

The formula to calculate loyalty points in 101, 201 and Best of Three rummy games are as follows:

Loyalty = Entry Fee X Loyalty Percentage

Whereas in Points Rummy games, the loyalty points are calculated as:

Loyalty = [(Winning Amount) / (Number of Players in the Game)] X Loyalty Percentage

However, loyalty points are not counted for cash and freeroll tournaments.

Different loyalty level points have different set of defined loyalty points. As the loyalty points of players gradually increase, their status gets upgraded accordingly.

Bronze Level – Zero Points

Silver Level – 1500 Points

Gold Level – 25,000 Points

Platinum – 2,00,000 Points

The players with higher loyalty points will enjoy more benefits than the ones who have fewer points. For example, a platinum level player will earn points faster than a silver level player. He could also release his real cash bonus much faster than other players.

However, there is a validity period for the loyalty program at Adda 52 rummy. The loyalty points expire in six months from the date they get awarded. In other words, the loyalty level depends on the loyalty points earned in the last six months.

This is also another great way for Adda 52 Rummy to check fraud and collusion, as there is no use of having multiple accounts. Players can earn more by playing from a single account and score more loyalty points to avail its benefits.

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