Adda 52 Rummy | Golden Rummy Friday

Friday is a special day to play rummy tournaments at Adda 52 Rummy! Take part in Golden Rummy Friday tournaments at Adda 52 Rummy every Friday and win glittering gold coins!

Adda 52 rummy Golden friday rummy

The series of Golden Friday Tournaments will take place on every Friday during the month of May. The entry fee to join the tournament is just Rs.50 and you could win gold and silver coins with your skills!

Each rummy tournament starts at 9 PM where the guaranteed prizes are gold and silver coins. The tournament on 2nd May has 2 grams of gold coin as the first prize; the player at the second position wins 1 gram of gold coin. The third and fourth winners will win 20 grams and 10 grams of silver coins each.

Adda 52 Rummy will conclude the Golden Friday series on the 30th of May with a mega rummy tournament. The entry fee to join is Rs.100 and you have the chance to win double of the gold coins. The first winner will win 4 grams of gold coin and the second winner one gram of gold coin. The third and fourth winners of the rummy tournaments win 20 grams and 10 grams of silver coin each.

So, make each Friday a golden Friday at Adda 52 Rummy!! Play your ace and win glittering gold and silver coins!

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