Rummy Game | Popular Variants of Rummy Game

Do you know that Rummy game can be played in different ways? There are four distinct variations of Indian rummy game that can be played differently by using the same set of rules. If you are looking to play rummy game in a different format, check out the different variations of Indian Rummy game.

rummy game

Points Rummy Game

Points Rummy is the most popular variant of Indian Rummy game. Played for just one deal, it is known as the fastest form of rummy card game. Players need to pay a pre-decided entry fee that forms the prize pool. The winner of the rummy game wins money from the losing players based on the points scored by them.

Pool Rummy Game

Pool rummy game is highly a skilled variant where each point matters. Players have to endure and survive from getting eliminated during the gameplay. Played for 101 or 201 Pool Points, if any player crosses any of these marks, he gets eliminated from the game. The sole player who survives till the end without crossing the point of elimination is declared as the winner.

Deals Rummy Game

This variant of rummy game is played for a certain number of deals. The common number of deals played is 2, 3, 4 and 6. The winner from each deal collects the chips from the losing players. At the end of all the deals, the player who wins maximum chips is declared as the winner of the card game.

Rummy Tournaments

Rummy Tournament is the most challenging variant of 13 cards rummy game. A tournament is played for a fixed number of deals and a certain number of chips are allocated to each player. At the end of each deal, the winner gets chips from the losing players. The player with the highest number of chips proceeds to the next level and this progression goes on until the top six players play at the final round. The winner at the final table wins the prize pool.

So, try out each variant of rummy game and decide which one is the best! Play and experience each variant and enjoy the fun of playing rummy card games!

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