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Rummy Circle surprises every one with another amazing series of tournaments! The brand new Reward Point Tournaments allows you to participate with reward points and win real money!

Rummy Circle rummy rewardz store

You can use your reward points as buy-in to join different tournaments without paying any money! Just use your reward points and play with others to win great cash prizes.

There are three different series of Reward Points Tournament at Rummy Circle. These tournaments take place on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

Tuesday Rewardz Tournament: Participate in the exciting Tuesday Tourneys and win Rs.54,000 in cash prizes every week. This tourney starts at 8 PM on every Wednesday and you can join it for 2000 RPs.

Wednesday Rewardz Tournament: The wonderful series of Wednesday Rewards Tourney has a prize pool of Rs.15,000 in each tournament. The entry fee to join the tourney is 100 RPs and starts at 8 PM on every Wednesday.

Thursday Elite Rewardz Tournament: This premium tourney is exclusively for Platinum Elite and Platinum Clubs. Players can join it for 2000 RPs where they can win Rs.1 Lakh in cash prizes. This tourney starts at 8 PM on every Thursdays.

So, play the most and gather your Reward Points to take part in Reward Point Tournaments to win great prizes!

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