How High Rollers Play in Rummy

Wondering how high rollers play in rummy? It’s quite spectacular to see them hit the high stakes tables and risk it all to win big bucks. However, if you observe how they play, they are not as difficult as you thought!

Check out how high rollers play in online rummy!

Multiple Tables

High rollers have such expert set of skills that they play on more than one table at the same time. Multitasking on different tables helps them to sharpen their skills and also earn a lot of money in short period of time.

Take Notes

High rollers not only track all of your cards, they also take good notes on your game behaviour. They will refer to those notes and use it as an advantage against you. For them, rummy is more of psychological game where they can predict on your middle and early drops.

Understand Your Opponents

Expert rummy players first understand their opponents before playing with them. They will often view their opponents in the spectator mode and note down your pattern of gameplay. Once they understand you, they will take the sit and play with you.

New Tactics

High rollers often use their own unique tricks that you cannot find in any book. They constantly change their tactics so that their opponents can’t track any of their gameplay patterns. This makes them unpredictable, leaving no trace of what their next move will be.

Know Your Limits

In spite of having expert sets of skills, a high roller always plays with restraint. They know when to stop and play within limit. They never chase to recover their losses and calculate their winnings and losses as well. That’s why high rollers continue to roll every day on high stakes tables.

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